Syncora Board Member

We are currently looking for a new member with strong financial skills who will join our Syncora board.  

This is a real opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the strategic direction of our organisation, so we want to hear from people who can bring strong leadership, strategic insight and a diverse range of experience to the table.

The closing date for applications is midnight 16th January 2022.

Please send applications to Mandy Baxter at Please contact Mandy if you require any further information.

As a member of the Syncora Board, you’ll play a key strategic role. Drawing on the expertise and experience of other Board Members and senior leaders within the organisation, you will help to foster a supportive and challenging culture, ensuring that sound governance underpins key business decisions.

Highly-developed communication and relationship building skills will be essential to this role. The emphasis will be on building consensus, but asking challenging questions to get there.

This is an opportunity to be a part of Syncora’s over-arching strategy, delivering growth and best practice across our services in the North West, and as a Board Member within the Group, to play a key role in helping Calico achieving its many ambitions.

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We are looking for a Board Member from a Finance background. You may have experience in accountancy, or knowledge of different types of financial accounts, for example, Charities/LLP/Commercial, as well as a willingness to commit time for meetings, training sessions and special events. The right candidate will work well in a group and listen well, and will be thoughtful when considering issues to provide empathy with our customers and their needs.

We can offer you the opportunity to use your skills, knowledge and experience, to make a contribution with lasting impact in an organisation with a proven track record in delivering positive change for vulnerable people.

Syncora is a ‘values led’ organisation, operating with a social heart and business mind.  It’s important to us that your own personal values align with our values, culture and ambitions.

Syncora creates exciting, integrated solutions to complex social problems by bringing together The Calico Group’s specialist companies with a shared vision of achieving maximum social impact by creating tailored, collaborative services that make a real difference to people’s lives. Across Syncora, and the wider Group, our innovative charities and businesses work together to create social profit, providing quality services that make a real difference. Each part of the Group has its own expertise and is aligned to the “One Calico” vision of helping people, regardless of their background, build a better future.

Syncora’s four specialist companies are within health, care and support. The business functions within the scope of this role are: Treatment and Recovery (clinical, psychosocial and therapeutic); Homelessness and Prevention (homelessness, floating support and specialist support); and Care (dementia, residential and extra care). Syncora also contains domestic abuse, skills, enterprise and training services.

Apply Now

The closing date for applications is midnight 16th January 2022.

To apply for this role, you will need to submit a CV and supporting statement to Mandy Baxter before the closing date.

Your CV should be accurate and up-to-date. Your supporting statement should explain why you are applying for the role, and how you feel your skills and experience will support your application. This should be no longer than two A4 pages.

We also ask you to complete a self-assessment against a skills matrix and submit this as part of your application.

Click below to download the skills matrix.

It is important to be honest in your self-assessment – we don’t expect that any candidates will offer all of the skills and experience that we seek. Instead, our emphasis is on shaping a team that offers complementary expertise and bringing together a cohort of individuals who will work collaboratively on our Board.